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The driving force behind Ad Initium:

Anita Ekwall is the driving force behind Ad Initium.  Anita qualified as a teacher specializing in language, communication, business organisation, and leadership.   She has many years' experience dealing with international mergers, in which attention to cultural issues plays an ever more crucial role in ensuring success.

Anita's program consists of seminars and lectures in international business culture, leadership training, "cultural training" for key international staff under contract in Sweden, and their families.  In addition to cultural issues, the program will cover aspects of international business integration.   Through training and discussion, you will learn how your team can make the best possible contribution to a successful merger. 

In 2002, the President of the Republic of Finland honored Anita with a knighthood in the Order of the White Rose of Finland in recognition of her service to creating greater understanding within Finnish businesses aiming to develop their Swedish operations.

Translation: Sandra Ricks


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